iiphone 3d print


Iphone 4 Case

We make iphones cases with an unique touch!

It is now possible to put your own name, slogan or company name on the back and one side of the iphone case!

On the backside of the iphone case we have made a compartment. That makes it possible to take your cash card, business card or money with you in the iphone case.

The iphone case is available in the colors black, purple and red.

We 3D print the iphone case with the EOS 3D printer, SLS technique.This iphone case offers perfect protection for your iphone!

Sent a mail to info@dsignandmore.com with the text you want in the iphone case and in which color you want him.
We will contact you as soon as possible.

De costs for the iphone case are €27.50 (37.38 US dollars). This is including VAT and excluding delivery costs.